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The Zentokukai Organization
Zentokukai Organization
Okinawa Shorinji-Ryu Zentokukai Karate-Do
The Zentokukai is a Karate-Do Association founded on March 15th, of 1997 by Sensei Tim Rodgers and Sensei Angel Lemus. One purpose was to preserve some of the teachings of Okinawa Karate Masters such as Kyan Chotoku and Shimabukuro Zenryo. The Zentokukai has a lot of it’s roots in the Seibukan Dojo, founded by Master Shimabukuro in 1962, and the Seibukan Karate-Do Association, but functions independently and expands upon that solid foundation of Shorin-Ryu to promote it’s goals. The Zentokukai was formed out of a need to preserve the true meaning and application of Okinawan Karate-Do, not only the physical combative aspects, but also it’s philosophical and spiritual practices, which are universal to all mankind, and represent the "Do" or "way of life". The Zentokukai does not practice nor promote sports Karate and/or modern competition, it emphasizes the Koryu "old-school" techniques which are practical and very effective for self-defense purposes, regardless of one’s size and/or strength. The Zentokukai is made up of a number of Dojos (schools) throughout the United States. Most of these dojos were once members of the Seibukan Karate-Do Association. Although very traditional in practice, the Zentokukai is a unique Karate organization, for it allows individual expression and input by Senseis and students alike. It is not interested in creating robotic practitioners or clones of anyone in particular, but in helping individuals to discover themselves through the art of Karate-Do. It is a living - breathing entity which like human beings, is in a constant state of self-evaluation and growth. It emphasizes respect for all members from the very top, all the way down to the bottom, regardless of sex and/or rank. It promotes open communications and dialogue and does not hold back any knowledge to it’s members. Zentokukai primary goals, are not measured by ego, personality, sports and/or monetary achievements, but in helping each student to grow as a human being who is dignified, honorable and truthful with him/herself, family and community. This is achieved by using the physical Karate, to forge a strong body and fearless character, which in turn is checked by a humble spirit. Zentokukai welcomes you into it’s family, and hopes that you will discover the hidden potential within yourself through the practice of Karate-Do !
Zentokukai Board: Walter Dailey, Tim Rodgers, Larry Hall, Angel Lemus, and Jim Pizii
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