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Sensei's Corner
Bellow is a collection of my thoughts and opinions about the martial arts. These comments do not necessarily reflect those within Zentokukai or the Zentokukai organization. These comments and thoughts are in random order. You are most welcome to comment back to me: 
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> I think everyone should believe that their school is the best, it's good for their sprit. I also believe that everyone  
   should also believe that there are many schools just as good as theirs and of many different styles.
> Never criticize one's technique, if they can successfully apply it.
> I find it irritating when someone who is relatively young tells me they are a black belt, but they haven't trained in 
   many years. My opinion is that they are not a black belt. If one trains most of their life, then slows down as age 
   increases, then it is understood that the physical aspect may be gone, but the mind and spirit of being a black 
   belt is still there. You would not believe how many people I come across telling me that they are a black belt, 
   but they    haven't trained since they were i.e. 11 years old. If a person makes black belt and then stops totally
   in the martial arts, then the best they can say is that at one time in their life, they attained the rank of black belt.
> It's never to late to start training in the Martial Arts.
> Being a good Martial Artist goes well beyond being skilled in Self Defense. A Martial Artist must posses a spirit 
   within the Martial Arts that last a life time.
> It is easy in the martial arts to make an excuse to miss a class. It is hard for a martial artist to make an excuse to 
   miss a class.

>Kata attributes include: Technique, speed, good technique, power, fluid movements, balance, expansion and  
   contraction, soft and hard techniques, and focus. Kumite includes these same attributes plus some others, so ... 
   we can learn Kumite from Kata.
>I have witnesses many people from many Dojos searching for the exact way a particular Kata was taught. They 
   seem to chase after the sequence and maybe the technique applied, well! the originators of the Kata are long 
   gone, so it is never going to happen. The most important thing is to understand the moves within the Kata and 
   how they can be applied efficiently. 
> There is a connection between Kata and Kumite (Sparring), however there is a major connection between Kata 
   and fighting.

>Cherish your good days and learn from your bad days.
>Don't plan your techniques, just let it come out naturally 
> Don't hit anyone any harder than what you expect to get hit back (in a Dojo/class room learning situation). 
> Fighting and Kumite are different. Kumite is for the Dojo and abides by the Dojo rules. Fighting can be anywhere 
   and has no rules.

>I have been to many tournaments in my day, not one has ever started on time or come close to starting on time.
   I am amused by the brochures that advertise that they start on time, but they don't. Unfortunately making money 
   prevails and tournaments are held up so more revenue can be generated by late arrivals. 
>A lot of tournaments focus mostly on children. Again, that is where the money is. Some tournaments give out 
   small trophy's just for signing up. I think a lot of schools have lost focus on what martial arts competition should 
   be about. 
> I never have hosted a tournament in my community simply because it would be a financial disaster. My ideal 
   tournament would be one for adult Black belts only, no weight class, no gender class, and no age class. It would 
   start on time, so any late comers would miss the competition. There would be three awards for the top three 

General Training
>Never ignore your basics, it's essential to your style of martial arts, plus there are many physical benefits built 
   into them that most students are not aware of. 
>A lot of good martial artist have traded their Dojo spirit for money.
> There is nothing wrong with having a successful Martial Arts business so long as you are honest with yourself 
   and your students.
> Selling belt plans (Black belt training program, Advanced under Black Belt program) makes no sense, it's a rip off 
   to the student.
Children Black Belts >>> There is no such thing. Any parent believing so is being mislead by the school 
   or teacher. It's just a money making scheme.
> It's amazing how many martial art schools promote children to black belt. It's nothing more than a revenue 
   gimmick and a sell out of true martial arts.  
>Lineage  can be important, but should not be confused with one's skill and/or martial arts spirit. Having a true 
   linage line to some of the founders of a martial arts does not make one a better martial artist.
>Just because you may be attached to a star, does not make you a star.