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About SutoriKan
My missioin:
To promote and preserve the teachings and traditions passed on by Okinawa
Masters in the art of Shorin-ryu, and especially to Kyan Chotoku and Shimabukuro Zenryo of the past.
Class Guidelines
Jim Pizii (bio)    

I've been in the Martial Arts for over 50years. I've trained on the East Coast, West Coast, Hawaii, and Guam and
the one thing I've learned is that good serious training produces good results. As I grow older, the big picture of
about Karate-Do becomes clearer. I'm trying to pass this on to my students, and hopefully a some of them will
grasp these ideas and move forward. My goal is to have some of my Dan ranked students go out on their own and start their own schools and become good senseis.

Basic Life Path
I was born and raised in West Chester, PA. I graduated from Henderson High School. I served 6 years in the US
Navy Submarine service, followed by graduating from Widener Univ. and West Chester Univ.

Martial Arts Career
I started Karate at the very end of the 1960's. I then entered the military and joined a Tae Kwon Do club. As I
moved from area to area during my 6 years in the military I continued my training. When I left the military I
continued my training for 2+ more years achieving 2nd degree Black belt. I was introduced to Seibukan Shorin-
Ryu school headed by Walter Dailey Sensei here in Pennsylvania. I was hooked within an hour. I resigned from
my Tae Kwon Do school, and started from scratch under Dom Mattioni Sensei who at that time came under
Walter Dailey Sensei umbrella of students. I then became part of the International Seibukan Karate-Do Association.
Within a few years I achieved Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt). During the late 70's, Dom Mattioni and I started a
Seibukan school here in West Chester Pa. Dom was the Sensei and I was the Sempai (assistant). Basically he ran
the teaching part and I assisted teaching and ran the business part. By 1984 Dom retired from Seibukan. I was
awarded the title of Sensei by the International Seibukan Karate-Do association. In 1984, I was adopted by a new
sensei - Ed Takae Sensei. He was my teacher from 1984 until 1997.  During my time with the North American branch of Seibukan, I achieved Yondan and was also appointed VP of that organization. In 1997 I retired from the North American branch of Seibukan and joined up with Zentokukai which was founded by Tim Rodgers Sensei and Angel Lemus Sensei. Today I hold the rank of Hachidan in Shorin-Ryu and part of the Zentokukai organization board as the Treasurer/Secretary. 
Try to be on time for class (dressed and ready to go).
A clean uniform (Gi) is expected for all classes. Please be considerate of your  classmates.
All tags and/or stripes will lay to your right side on a properly tied belt (obi). 
Use good discretion when we have bad weather. If you don't feel safe driving, then stay home.
Be patient with learning, your lack of skill should be your motivation to continue, not your reason for quitting.

Basic Class Format
Warm ups ....... Stretching, etc.
Kihon ...............Basic punching, kicking, blocking, etc.
Kihon - moving ..Basic techniques while moving
Ippon .............. One step sparring
Tachi Dori ....... Combination fighting drills
Kata ............... Okinawan: Seisan, Wansu, Basai Do, Chinto, Gojushiho, Ananku, Wanchin, Kusanku, 
                        Pasai Sho, Tokumine Bo, and Naifanchi. Bunkai taught at the intermediate and advanced levels.
Bo .................. Staff training ... Tokumine Bo
Bag work ........ Training using punching and kicking shields
Makiwara ........ Striking drills
Grappling  ........Various grappling techniques including Jujitsu ground fighting techniques.
Throws  ...........Various Judo type throws.
Tuite - Joint ..... LocksVarious joint lock techniques
Kumite  .......... Sparring at various instructional/intensity levels
Martial Arts Discussions  ........General discussions on mission, history, etc.